The Parish Community School empowers parents to educate their children in cooperation with other families 4 days each week and provides each parent 2 of those days off from teaching every week. Academics and Christ-like character are emphasized through strong educational resources and an engaging environment along with outreach opportunities. 


One of the biggest focuses of The Parish is teaching the children of our community about the gospel. Through interactive activities and messages designed to meet children at their stage of development, our trained ministry leaders use Bible based curriculum to our teach children about Jesus' ministry, message & God's grace and love for us.

The Parish Community School also hosts an after school program for its own students as well as students from Eugene Fields Elementary School. During this time, 3:40 p.m.- 5:00 p.m., they will have access to homework tutors, hands on art projects and reading resources.

Each family from the Parish Community School must volunteer to help a limited number of times throughout the school year. Additional volunteers from The Parish as well as the Parish Children’s Director will also participate in the program. 

The school will plan field trips and family activities throughout the year which will include the students from the after school program and their families. The program launches this January!