The Parish is excited to announce our "Propellor Fundraiser".  The Parish is propelling forward with new programs, ministries, building upgrades and more!  As we go on this journey we are asking you to come alongside us and help us make this forward momentum possible.  Our church community is setting out to raise $100,000 by the New Year.  We are confident that God will provide us with the resources we need to continue to proclaim his great name in our neighborhood (Matt. 6:26).  Below is a list of some of the things we want to do with the funds we are raising...

1. Further develop our Youth Program.

2. Construct a new facade for the front of our building. 

3. Increase storage space within our building

4. Make numerous cosmetic upgrades to our building.

5. Hire more staff.

6. And more!

In addition to financial contributions we are asking the believers around us to pray for the future of The Parish.  As we expand our facility and our staff we are in prayer that we do so while remaining faithful to our vision of "Dwelling With Christ In Community".  Below is a portal for you to give digitally.  Thank you for your consideration and stay tuned for more details!



Our dear long-time friend from McKinley Park, Coach Corey, has a daughter who was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. She is undergoing chemo and radiation treatment, and her entire family is pulling together to pay for her medical bills. Please join us in giving to their family's need through their GoFundMe account. Coach Corey has been deeply invested in the lives of kids in the neighborhood surrounding the Parish for over ten years. If you are able, please help bless him and his family.